The vast majority of criminal cases are settled without going to trial. However, effectively defending criminal charges before a jury requires experience,  preparation, and skill.                     

There is no substitute for experience. I have tried many felony and misdemeanor cases before juries over the past 20 years.  Although each case is different, every one is equally important. Many of cases that I have tried involve extremely sensitive and difficult subject matter such as alleged sexual abuse. 

Having an attorney with experience in communicating and connecting with jurors in a  courtroom setting is an important factor to consider when choosing an attorney

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. This is my personal philosophy when it comes to trial preparation. 

Although I can not make any guarantee of any particular result in any case, I do guarantee that I will be prepared to defend a case if and when it goes to trial. Proper trial preparation requires a multifaceted plan. The plan I use has essentially the same       framework but is uniquely tailored for each client.